Beneficios de practicar ciclismo

Winter on Wheels in Majorca. Benefits of cycling

Wanting to travel and discover Majorca? With the bike tours that we recommend in Embat Cycles you can do it. Discover its landscapes, villages, coves and monuments and do it with the warm temperatures offered by the island in winter, unlike other countries where it snows or rains.


What are the benefits of cycling?

On the other hand, all sports mean in greater or lesser extent health benefits, today we want to discover the benefits and recommendations for cycling.

  • Improves muscle tone; It helps to tone and reaffirm the muscles of the legs.
  • Reduces the appearance of osteoarthritis and improves joints.
  • Improves cardiovascular health and lung capacity; The movement of cycling makes the heart pump more blood and this gains power and endurance.
  • Reduces stress; While practicing this sport, energy and senses are focused on activity.
  • Increases concentration and reflexes; Cycling is a sport that forces the cyclist to pay attention in his circulation and increases his reflections against possible accidents or blows.


How to organise a good bike trip?

  • It is advisable to eat 3 hours before a bike trip to avoid the lack of energy. Diet rich in fruits, cereals, cheese, coffee or tea.
  • Warm up 10 minutes before exercise to avoid injury.
  • Good hydration, drink water before, during and at the end. In days of very high temperatures, a cyclist can lose 2 liters through sweat, hence water should be taken.
  • Energy bars or similar – nutritional supplement.
  • Begin to circulate slowly, so that the heart rate accelerates gradually.
  • At the end of the training or tour, it is advisable to make a small massage on the most charged areas.
  • Suitable equipment and a bike in conditions and regulations depending on the type of route to be made.

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