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Terms and Conditions

1- The person is renting the vehicle will receive it in perfect condition and must return it as such.

2- The person renting the vehicle is responsible for all damages, including theft.

3- You have to leave a deposit of 50 – 100€ per bike, depending of the model. Returning the bike the last day, we will give you back the 50 – 100€ per bike if there is no damage to the bicycle or accessory losses (pump, kit repair, computer...).

4- One day rental is considered from 9.30 h. until 19.00 h. the same day.

5- In the case of returning the vehicle before the date of contract, no money will be returned.

6- In the case of returning the vehicle late without a justified reason, who is renting it must pay for extra time according to the rates.

7- Before changing or moving any component of bicycles, including the tires, should be obtained owner authorization.

8- Cancellations: With more than 30 days no charge. Less than 30 days will be charged 50% of the rental period. Less than 7 days you will pay the total amount of the rental period.

9- The person renting the vehicel must drive according to the highway code.

10- The owner has the right to confiscate the vehicle, if the suspects the person renting it is causing damages with ot to the vehicle or if he is not respecting the highway code.

11- There is a third party insurance with deductible of 300 €.

12- In the case of an accident or breakdown, the driver must contact the owner immediately with the corresponding information e.g. Name, adress, passport number, insurance number, car plate number, of all people involved and of the street where the accident has occurred. Notify the police immediately if another person causes an accident and refuses to acknowledge damages.

13- Any discussions between the owner and the person renting the vehicle will be settle in court in Palma de Mallorca.

14- In compliance with the provisions of the L.O. 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, EMBAT CICLOS informs you that your data has been incorporated into an automated file in order to provide and offer our rental services. The data collected is stored under the confidentiality and security measures established by law and not be transferred or shared with companies or entities outside EMBAT CICLOS. We also wish to inform you that you may exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition via E-mail: info@embatciclos.com

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