This Christmas? Ride a bike around Majorca!

Christmas is the time for gifts and family. Many of us often remember Christmas with special affection when we were little, when we were given a bicycle and yet we couldn’t use it until summer arrived. Why not give that bicycle away? And, above all, why wait until summer when you can cycle in Majorca all year round?

The proposed Christmas leisure of Embat Ciclos is precisely that: discover Mallorca on a rented bicycle this Christmas. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mallorca has one of the best winter temperatures in the world. The average temperature in December, January, February and March rarely falls below 10ºC., so a jacket and long sleeves are usually enough to go out and enjoy the island. In addition, since it is winter, there is no need to worry about heat or sweat, so the activity will not only be cleaner but also more pleasant.

A bike tour or getaway through Mallorca not only serves as a way to discover the city of Palma and the rest of the island, but it can also be an excellent Christmas gift for family or loved ones. Embat Ciclos offers rentals of different types of bicycles and offers the possibility of renting models for men as well as for women or children. In addition, you can choose the type of bicycle that you want depending on the route you are going to do. Mountain, walk or road, all options are valid for discovering Mallorca in winter!

Discover Majorca by bicycle

Majorca is one of the most touristic islands in Spain and it is no coincidence. The largest island in the Balearic Islands has a privileged climate all year round, pure air and an unhurried pace of life that has nothing to do with the one usually carried by large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. All this makes Majorca one of the most interesting and attractive places not only in Spain but also in the world to be discovered by bicycle.

If a car gives the speed that allows us to see many things and walking allows us to enjoy the scenery and calmness, the bicycle is the ideal compromise between both of them. A means of transport fast enough to see many things and slow enough to enjoy the scenery. Embat Ciclos offers bicycles of all kinds for those who want to discover Majorca on two wheels. Due to its location, Embat Ciclos allows easy access to the capital as well as to the airport and to the most touristic area and beach where the hotels are located. From Embat Ciclos headquarters you can plan excursions all over the island.

Another of Embat Ciclos’ priorities is to be able to adapt its bicycle rental offer to each user. In this way, it is possible to book both mountain bikes and trekking or road bikes depending on the cycling route that is planned in Majorca. At Embat there are bicycles for men as well as for women and children. In addition, there are pedal-assisted models for those who wish, the so-called e-bike. There is no longer an excuse for not cycling in Majorca and discovering it on two wheels!