For those who love electric bicycles, this new season is full of new features for renting electric bicycles in Palma de Mallorca.

I am going to introduce you to the new E-bikes that you can rent at EMBAT CICLOS.

The first novelty is the new STEVENS TRITON 45. “Made in Germany” bike with pedal assistance up to 45 km / hour. This means that its powerful 350-watt BOSCH engine will continue to push us relentlessly to this speed, so if we want to maintain a high average of 30 or 35 km / hour speed, we can do it without much effort. With this bike you can pedal with more trained cyclists or younger than you. Or surprise anyone with your speed. Of course this speed increase is accompanied by a top range equipment:

  • Magura hydraulic braking with oversized 180 mm discs
  • Shimano Deore XT group.
  • Powerful Bosch battery of 500w / h, integrated in the frame, which gives us a range of between 80 and 110 kilometers depending on the conditions of use.
  • A powerful LED illumination of 150 Lux, mirror and electric horn.

As a second novelty, the E-bike STEVENS LAVENA. E-bike touring to travel long distances with or without luggage. With a powerful battery, a modern design and the best available components.It shares with the Triton a chassis with integrated battery of 500 w/h and and the Shimano Deore group.

Also new this season is the STEVENS MOLVDENO. Your best option if your priority is comfort and ease of use. With its open frame and upright posture, it is a pleasure to ride gently pedaling thanks to its powerful Bosch Active 250 w / 40 Nw motor and its 400 w / h battery. It is comfort in its purest form. Equipped with Shimano disc brakes 180/160 mm and 9 gears Shimano Altus.

This is the bet of EMBAT CYCLES electric mobility for the 2019 season begins. We encourage you to know and explore Mallorca by renting one of these E-Bikes. Enjoying the best beach or mountain spots in the Mediterranean. As a couple, with your friends or as a family, each year more and more people discover and repeat the experience of traveling,  or simply ride on E-Bike through the bike lanes or the secondary roads of Palma de Mallorca, the Pearl of Mare Nostrum.


Road cycling trends for 2019

This month I want to tell you  these innovations that have reached the road bicycles to stay, making the enjoyment of the bicycle easier, fun and safe.

 Something that is becoming very evident is the implementation of hydraulic brakes on road bikes. A better braking performance in any weather conditions means that we can stop the bicycle more safely and in less meters. The handicap of weight and price increase is being minimized year after year. In 2019 the Shimano Ultegra group with disc and 11 pinions weighs practically the same as an Ultegra group with traditional brake  and 10 pinions from only 5 years ago. As for the price, each time it is adjusting more, incorporating the disk system to more basic groups. This 2019, Shimano has already joined the group 105.

Another tendency, consequence of the implantation of the disc, is the increase of profile in the tires and the rigidity in the fork and frame. The tires go from 23 to 27, even to 28 in certain conditions. This provides greater grip in braking and lying in curves, in dry or wet conditions. Currently, the 700 x 25 tire can be considered as a standard measure. The more rigid fork, the construction of carbon frames reinforced in the direction and axis of the bottom bracket and more refined in the rest of the structure, helps to better support the new features of the bicycle.

The aero forms are also being implemented, not only on the time trial and triathlon bikes. The more and more extensive gears ratio, with cassettes of 11-28 or 11-32, are usually already mounted as first option. This makes it easier for all of us to reach any peak without needing to have the legs of a professional cyclist. All this is creating a growing demand for bicycles with more rigid and aerodynamic carbon frames, with disc brakes and 700×25 tires.

Example of these trends is the incorporation of Carbon Disc models  that this year EMBAT CICLOS has incorporated and extended to its range of rental bicycles for 2019.

We invite you to know and try them in Mallorca !!

Winter on Wheels in Majorca. Benefits of cycling

Wanting to travel and discover Majorca? With the bike tours that we recommend in Embat Cycles you can do it. Discover its landscapes, villages, coves and monuments and do it with the warm temperatures offered by the island in winter, unlike other countries where it snows or rains.


What are the benefits of cycling?

On the other hand, all sports mean in greater or lesser extent health benefits, today we want to discover the benefits and recommendations for cycling.

  • Improves muscle tone; It helps to tone and reaffirm the muscles of the legs.
  • Reduces the appearance of osteoarthritis and improves joints.
  • Improves cardiovascular health and lung capacity; The movement of cycling makes the heart pump more blood and this gains power and endurance.
  • Reduces stress; While practicing this sport, energy and senses are focused on activity.
  • Increases concentration and reflexes; Cycling is a sport that forces the cyclist to pay attention in his circulation and increases his reflections against possible accidents or blows.


How to organise a good bike trip?

  • It is advisable to eat 3 hours before a bike trip to avoid the lack of energy. Diet rich in fruits, cereals, cheese, coffee or tea.
  • Warm up 10 minutes before exercise to avoid injury.
  • Good hydration, drink water before, during and at the end. In days of very high temperatures, a cyclist can lose 2 liters through sweat, hence water should be taken.
  • Energy bars or similar – nutritional supplement.
  • Begin to circulate slowly, so that the heart rate accelerates gradually.
  • At the end of the training or tour, it is advisable to make a small massage on the most charged areas.
  • Suitable equipment and a bike in conditions and regulations depending on the type of route to be made.

This Christmas? Ride a bike around Majorca!

Christmas is the time for gifts and family. Many of us often remember Christmas with special affection when we were little, when we were given a bicycle and yet we couldn’t use it until summer arrived. Why not give that bicycle away? And, above all, why wait until summer when you can cycle in Majorca all year round?

The proposed Christmas leisure of Embat Ciclos is precisely that: discover Mallorca on a rented bicycle this Christmas. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mallorca has one of the best winter temperatures in the world. The average temperature in December, January, February and March rarely falls below 10ºC., so a jacket and long sleeves are usually enough to go out and enjoy the island. In addition, since it is winter, there is no need to worry about heat or sweat, so the activity will not only be cleaner but also more pleasant.

A bike tour or getaway through Mallorca not only serves as a way to discover the city of Palma and the rest of the island, but it can also be an excellent Christmas gift for family or loved ones. Embat Ciclos offers rentals of different types of bicycles and offers the possibility of renting models for men as well as for women or children. In addition, you can choose the type of bicycle that you want depending on the route you are going to do. Mountain, walk or road, all options are valid for discovering Mallorca in winter!

Discover Majorca by bicycle

Majorca is one of the most touristic islands in Spain and it is no coincidence. The largest island in the Balearic Islands has a privileged climate all year round, pure air and an unhurried pace of life that has nothing to do with the one usually carried by large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. All this makes Majorca one of the most interesting and attractive places not only in Spain but also in the world to be discovered by bicycle.

If a car gives the speed that allows us to see many things and walking allows us to enjoy the scenery and calmness, the bicycle is the ideal compromise between both of them. A means of transport fast enough to see many things and slow enough to enjoy the scenery. Embat Ciclos offers bicycles of all kinds for those who want to discover Majorca on two wheels. Due to its location, Embat Ciclos allows easy access to the capital as well as to the airport and to the most touristic area and beach where the hotels are located. From Embat Ciclos headquarters you can plan excursions all over the island.

Another of Embat Ciclos’ priorities is to be able to adapt its bicycle rental offer to each user. In this way, it is possible to book both mountain bikes and trekking or road bikes depending on the cycling route that is planned in Majorca. At Embat there are bicycles for men as well as for women and children. In addition, there are pedal-assisted models for those who wish, the so-called e-bike. There is no longer an excuse for not cycling in Majorca and discovering it on two wheels!